Safe Search Kids

Internet is an online media that has a good impact or bad, depending on the users, for people who have been long enough in the online world, certainly enough to sort out what is good and which ones are not. But not so for children, mostly out of curiosity are great, they always want to know and find out something new and new challenges, which sometimes if we are negligent, the use of the Internet can impact is not good for your children. Here is some information to a secure Search Engines accessible for your son or daughter.

This website uses Google technology, but not by Google. Offering search results are filtered for young people with a choice of sites which may be accessed by students who are younger or older.

Kids ask
The questions can be asked to use the phrase, and the results are quite reasonable, but not too heavy for the students.

Search engines are safe for children. Also has a useful reference source for school.

Quintura Kids
This website is more suitable for browsind than search. Ini not the place to menegrjakan task, but suitable for general searches.