Drug Test

In the case of drug abuse, there are steps that need to be done testing. There is a possibility, the presence of traces of drugs in the body differences were observed. Thus, to detect traces of drugs with different analysis can be considered.

1. Blood tests
Blood is also suitable for research. Blood samples taken from the suspect's body, were analyzed for suspicious substances. Blood samples should not be manipulated.

2. Urine test
To strengthen the analysis, urine samples can also be performed. Urine can be easily removed without invasive technologies, and in sufficient quantities. It takes a longer time, to detect a suspicious substance in the urine, rather than in the blood. Loss of urine tests, is urine can be manipulated in certain ways.

3. Saliva Test
The saliva test, usually taking saliva samples using sterile cotton in the mouth. Saliva is considered the most cocol investigation materials to determine drug abuse.

4. Hair and nail sampling
Also the hair and finger nails and toes are suitable as research material for drug tests. This was done for the examiner, a sample of hair or fingernails. Because the drug stay in keratin hair or nails, no quick conclusions can be drawn about the so-called drug use.