Rumus Umum Limit Trigonomteri

Greece, 287-212 BC

Archimedes learn the mathematics, physics and has made many discoveries. He discovered the principle of the lever that can move heavy objects with little effort. He demonstrated this principle by moving the vessel by means of a lever. Eucildes said, "When I was given a long enough lever, and leverage point, I can move the earth."

Euclid uses the knowledge of density to find that the crown made for the king was not made with pure gold. He also studied the circle and find a formula for the circumference of a circle (2πr) and area of a circle (πr2).

In a saga as old Archimedes, the Greek was defeated by the Romans. When the enemy soldiers into his home and he was studying in my room that drew a circle on the floor, he shouted, "Do not walk all over my ring!" But the soldiers did not care about Archimedes shouting instead stabbed him to death.