History of Cowboy Hats

John Batterson Stetson was an American who was born in Orange, New Jersey in 1830. Until now the Stetson name attached as part of the term "the real Stetson hat" or that we are familiar with the common cowboy hat. Stetson created the forms and models of caps by mistake while working as gold miners in Colorado. Stetson made ​​fur hat from the base material, because in addition to strong too easy to be formed in accordance with the desired model.

At first, Stetson hat shape is considered odd or unusual, often even used as a joke of his colleagues. But sooner or later prove that the existence Stetson hats are very useful. The wide side serves as a protection against rain water, then in times of hot weather, there are air pockets in the upper end of the Stetson hat that provides insulation to the head, so the temperature inside the hat to stay cool. Even the head of the Stetson hat (crown head) can be used to take drinking water.

Based on stories told from generation to generation, which uses the first cowboy hat Stetson redeem it for five dollars in gold. At that time he met with John Stetson cowboy on a journey, the Stetson cowboy hats are interested in and decided to buy it.

1865, John B. Stetson decided to end the adventure "wild-wild-west-its" and settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Stetson hats later founded the production house with an outdoor model that he found the first time (cowboy hat, cowboy hat). His first model was officially named "Boss of the Plains". 1886, Stetson hat company has become the largest in the world and in 1906, this company has been producing 2 million cowboy hats. Until now the basic model and how to manufacture Stetson cowboy hats has not changed much since it was first produced in 1865. Stetson hat is then attached to the legenda2 world "Wild West" as Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, Billy the Kid, Will Rogers and even Lucky Luke.