Safe Driving

Some ways to safe drive cars include smart driving, protection lives, saving fuel.

1. Use a seat belt (seatbelt)
Safety belt or seatbelt can protect users from more severe injuries in an accident. Once again not a matter of what kind of car, private cars and car rental, which is important to use seat belts.

2. rearview mirror
Most drivers do not adjust the rearview mirror and do not use it as optimal as possible to be too much to see the vehicle alone.

3. The driver of the Defensive
A defensive driver must be able to drive a vehicle with quiet (not tense). And being able to anticipate the situation of traffic conditions in front of him.

4. Impaired Driving In
Driving is a dangerous job, for it takes full concentration when we are driving. Advisable not to call, or activities that interfere with smoking while driving.

5. Maintain a safe distance
Defensive driver who always provides a space to the front, balakang, and sides. Own car or do a car rental Jakarta, this is an absolute attention.

6. The ideal transfer transmission gear
Currently, many manufacturers began to design vehicles with engine technology products that have a level of highly efficient fuel consumption. However, fuel-efficient engine technology that was not the only aspect that can guarantee the fuel costs can be reduced. Keep Rotation per Minute (RPM) is always below 3,000 rpm, will make fuel consumption more efficient.

7. Use the momentum of the vehicle
When the vehicle will approach an intersection, junction, traffic lights, or want to slow down, lift the foot off the accelerator early and let the car glide before stepping on the brake pedal.

8. Turn off your vehicle engine
If the vehicle stops and the silence is less than 20 minutes, then it would be more economical to turn off your vehicle engine.

9. Pre Start Check
Pre Start Check or initial inspection of the vehicle before we make engines start with a goal to look for any damage or potential problems with the vehicle (tire pressure, the plant lighting)

10. Heavy loads affect fuel consumption
Remove items that are not needed from the car. Remove roof racks when not in use. Use a low speed, when it is carrying goods with roof racks.