Hukum Faraday

Rubbish indeed proved to be converted into energy sources. Whether it's as biomass or with landfield powerplant technology that uses waste as fuel to heat water and drive turbines.

If using biomass, the efficiency is still low, because the energy produced is not proportional to the energy required. Technology landfield powerplant or garbage-fueled power plants, considered to be more efficient, because all the garbage that is used as fuel and energy it generates is also greater. It's just a question arises, how is the smoke and pollution resulting from burning them?

The technology is now considered to be more efficient is to use plasma gasification. Although this technology has found more than 40 years ago by NASA, the United States space agency, to regulate the temperature in the spacecraft, but applications for waste-fueled power plants still not much in the world, only a few countries, namely Japan and the U.S. use States.