Terrible Facts About the Moon

Age Moon

Age moon older than expected, even predicted older than the moon and the sun itself! Age Earth unpredictable oldest is 4.6 billion years old. Meanwhile, even the Moon rocks are 5.3 billion years old. Month 1 billion years older than the Earth!

Louder above:

Normally the planet will be hard in the increasingly soft and above, as our earth. No such thing with the moon. The interior of the moon like a hollow, while the hard top as hard as titanium. This is what causes the moon however, very strong and resistant attacks. Moon's biggest crater 300 km in diameter, with a depth of only 6.4KM. Meanwhile, according to a scientist, if it crashed into rocks last moon, crashed into the Earth, it will form a hole at least as deep as 1.200KM!

Moons also proved hollow when the Apollo crew left the moon, throwing back the rest of the aircraft is not used back to the Moon. As a result, an earthquake and echoes on the lunar surface during 15 minutes. This discovery restarted by the crew of Apollo 13, which this time falls harder, causing echoes for 3 hours 20 minutes.

It is like being ring a bell then rang, just as there is no air, the sound of bells produced can not be heard by humans. Meanwhile, the present invention is questioned by Carl Sagan, the natural satellite's no way his hollow inside.

Moon rocks:

The origin of moon rocks and dust itself is not clear, because of differences in the composition forming a contrast to the composition of the rock. Stones that have taken over 380KG of apollo team, it shows there is a unique and rare materials such as pure titanium, chromium, yttrium, and others. The metal is very hard, heat-resistant, anti-oxidation. Kinds of metal does not occur naturally in nature, and certainly not form naturally.

The scientists also have difficulty penetrating the outer moon when they drilled the outer months. Once in meticulous, section drilled earlier is a mineral with the content of titanium, uranium 236 and neptunium 237. Ingredients super strong anti rust, which is also formed naturally impossible, because it is used on earth to make stealth aircraft. Most likely, these results gilding metal man!
Moon rocks also somehow very magnetic. Though there is no magnetic field on the moon itself. Unlike a lot of earth containing a magnetic field.

Water evaporates:

On March 7, 1971, in which the instrument was installed by astronauts recorded the presence of water across the surface of the moon. Water vapor was last up to 14 hours and cover a surface area of ​​100 square miles.

Size In = the Sun?

Month can cover the sun in total eclipse of the moon, but not the same size. Interestingly, the distance of the Sun to the Earth exactly 395 times the distance of the moon to the earth, while the diameter of the sun exactly 395 times the diameter of the moon. At the time of a total solar eclipse, the size of the earth and the moon is exactly the same, so that the sun can be closed in completely. The count is too careful and accurate when only an astronomical coincidence alone.

Orbit strange:

Orbit is the only month that is really almost perfect sphere of the solar system. The main weight in located closer than 6000 feet its geometric center, which should lead to precisely curved orbit. Something that is not known to have made the months of steady on his shaft. One theory that has not been true believe also said that the face is always the same month in her every day because of the things that cause it. Which in essence, remains an astronomical coincidence.

The origin of the moon:

The theory that the moon was once part of the Earth's mentally fabulous out of the earth because of collisions in the past almost approved by everyone, after they thought that the moon was formed from the dust of space dust that compressed into a satellite of the earth. Later this theory is that if a part of the month being taken away from the earth, the earth will not be round like now. And if the moon is not hollow, it is unlikely that month could be a satellite of the earth. Too heavy and the moon will hit the earth.

The theory of the origin of the theory of months back is questionable, and the history of the craziest theories began to emerge, that the moon was created intentionally by man earlier as aids in navigation and astronomy!

The Moon is a starship?

Perfection in the outrageous, and the anomalies that exist month, plus plus many unidentified flying objects in the moon made many said it was likely the moon is a super large spacecraft intelligent beings created by our ancestors. And the moon has NOT abandoned by its inhabitants! All the crew of Apollo astronauts and other astronauts or researcher months, all have seen the light glow and unidentified flying objects passing between the moon, appear and disappear, and even be with each arrival and departure of a team of astronauts who visited the moon.