AC Milan Vs Barcelona Prediction 2012

AC Milan Vs Barcelona prediction on the game 4 April 2012 in Champ Nou. Indeed there is still injured from the fight the two giants of European football in Milan on March 26, 2012 date today. Host AC Milan draw against Barcelona with a score of glasses. Also there is no goal is created, so who has the right to advance to the European Champions League semi-final will be on tentunkan in Barcelona Nou Stadium Champ. 

The final results match Barcelona vs AC Milan just never expected, but only one goal that is created from both camps in the Champ Noun later, be sure step one side stops. AC Milan will come to Barcelona for a record home unbeaten, if playing diperempat Champions League final, when playing at home. Slick record that will be carried as a motivation dismiss the defeat, while repeating the success 26 September 2000, when two goals from Ambrosini and Gattuso forced the embarrassed host at the Nou Champ.

But Barcelona also want to continue the good record, Hernandez cs xapi strong ambition to progress to the Champions League semi-final round in five consecutive seasons. If this happens, then the El Barca opened up opportunities to advance to the semifinals after defending his title. What was exhibited at the San Siro scuad Barcelona is only fitting they repeat on home turf. But the dominance of possession of up to 62%, firing as many as 17 times, forcing Milan cornered much in the defense area, should be enhanced with the winning goal. As much as possible and drain ball control, is key to Barcelona's game, so the above ground and one's own comfort. Prediction that at least one goal must be packed Barcelona, ​​in order to pitch to the highest European Championship semifinals.