Ben Cousins Argues About "Free To Play"

Ben Cousins ​​manager of Ngmoco Sweden, gives his opinion about the game free to play that many accused of 'exploiting players'. He also questioned the suitability of the lot, the system is free to play in the marketing strategy of a game. According to Cousins​​, free to play can not be said to exploit the players. The reason of the opinion that because if 95 percent of game players free to play not pay anything to play the game, how could it be spelled exploit? In the game free to play, only about 3-6 percent are willing to pay more to get the item mall or cash item.

Game developer and publisher, did see 'free to play' as an interesting loophole, so use it. Free to play into the trend so popular. Perhaps some publishers and developers are 'utilize' this trend, so there are players who feel exploited because they have to spend more money to be able to enjoy the game for free.

Ben Cousins ​​also added that he had never seen players who spend so much money in online gaming. On average they understand how much they should spend money in the game, and they also understand how important 'spree' in the free game.

Responding to questions about the addictive online game, it was Cousins ​​has a different opinion. Online gamers who are addicted and tend to spend more money (in the game free to play), usually has another purpose that is showing off. Gamers who really want to play the game free to play, usually almost no spending money.

In addition, according to Cousins​​, if the model is free to play that deliberately exploits the player to spend more money for a profit, it is not an effective strategy. Since most players free to play not to pay them to play and play the game for free.