Gaya lorentz Kawat Berarus (Rumus Fisika)

It's not common knowledge again almost all the leading car manufacturer in the world compete to create vehicles with alternative power sources. In addition to Gasoline, Fuel Cell, or a combination there Dry Fossil Fuel Cell and the ones you hear the name of Hybrid Vehicles.

Actual research and development of EV (Electric Vehicle) instead of gasoline has been started in the 1990s, but still not able to penetrate the market of gasoline cars because of the relatively expensive price.

Of the various types of electric vehicles ever developed, it was motorcycles, the most successful listriklah developed and socialized, especially in America, Europe, China and Japan.

"Nordic countries, the use of electric motorcycles have been very widespread, ranging from vehicles inside the compound, a working vehicle, school, until the agency.

The reason this vehicle can save costs, cheaper, and environmentally friendly and super efficient.