Hukum Archimedes

Archimedes was born in 287 BC in a port city of Syracuse, Sicily (Italy now). In his youth, estimated Archimedes was educated in Alexandria, Egypt.

Archimedes is famous for his theories about the relationship between surface and volume of a sphere to the cylinder. He is also known by the theory and formula of the principle of hydrostatic and equipment to raise the water - 'Archimedes Screw' or Archimedes screws, which are still widely used in developing countries. Although lever or ungkitan have been found long before Archimedes was born, Archimedes is developing a theory to calculate the load required for these levers. Archimedes was also ranked as one of the ancient mathematician and represents the best and greatest of his era. Archimedes' calculation of an accurate representation of the curve ball in to make mathematical constant Pi or π.