Backpacker Travelling Tips

Bored with leisure activities that-that's it? Going by plane, check in at the hotel or motel, visiting museums or shopping malls and enjoy dinner at a fancy restaurant might have become a normal thing when traveling.

If you are traveling agendas tend to be boring, why not try a little challenge? Backpacker-style travel occasionally try to bring crude supplies.

Backpacker-style travel is at greater risk than a way to travel in general. Therefore, there are six things you need to know when I want to travel backpacker style, quoted from Helium:

1. Research
It's good if you do some research first region or country to be visited. Learn the language of the country, but you do not have to understand it fully. Enough to know some of the most basic phrases, like 'hello', 'goodbye', 'thank you', 'please', 'excuse me' or 'do you speak English? ". This will allow you to ask for information to local residents. Local people will also feel valued if there are strangers who know their language, although only slightly.

Recognize also the customs and cultures in places you visit. Every country has the etiquette of each of the things that are prohibited or allowed in their territory. The more you know, will further facilitate your backpacking trip. Find out routine activities in the country or region, such as festivals or traditional activities.

2. Invite Friends
When backpacking, it would be more exciting if you take two or three friends. In addition to seseruan together, the experience gained will be more interesting and you certainly will not be alone when lost in the middle of nowhere.

3. If necessary Bring Goods
Practicality and convenience are the most important thing to bacpacker when packing. Simply bring the packing supplies 'travel size'. You do not need to carry large packages of toothpaste, or a large bottle of shampoo and liquid soap. Small bars of soap would be more practical than liquid soap was taken.

4. Clothing and Shoes
A backpackers are advised not to bring too many clothes, which means, you have to frequently wash it while traveling. Therefore, bring clothing that dries quickly after washing. Also make sure you bring comfortable clothing and practical subject.

For shoes, be sure to take comfort when walking away, long standing or running. You need to bring three pairs of shoes: sandals waterproof, flat shoes or kitten heels to visit the club or shopping center and a comfortable sneaker.

5. Do Transfixed in Comfort Zone
When being a backpacker, you must be open-minded and respect people. When traveling with money and makeshift equipment, you probably will encounter some obstacles. You have to deal with a patient and calm because it's where seninnya backpacker-style vacation. Try the good lines of communication with other backpackers and locals local. Maybe some of them were acting strange or unpleasant but avoid being defensive and a lot of arguments.

6. Dare to Take Risks
The most interesting part of traveling is an adventure. Do not be afraid to take risks, but still calculate everything carefully. For example, you could try to explore the historic sites go into areas that are rarely visited by people or try the unique and distinctive culinary in the country you are visiting. However, always be wary of where you are and with whom you shared. Avoid things that interfere with concentration, such as drinking too much that makes you drunk.