Pranav Mistry, The genius of the Indian Inventors 6th Sense Technology

When viewing a video presentation about this new technology I have come to stare, like an ancient stone age man who saw the first computer. How not? As a practitioner of hardware and software self-taught (if I may call myself that) I always follow the development of information technology and computing. However, the technology that this one really impressed me!

This latest technology called "6'th Sense Technology" or the Sixth Sense Technology. The inventor was a genius from India who is also a famous engineer graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) was named Pranav Mistry. Pranav by genius has created a tool that combines body movement (gesture) to the world of digital computing. With this technology we can do anything without having to use different tools and without having to be in front of the computer.

The initial idea of this technological discovery is: how we can still perform daily activities easily without having to carry lots of digital equipment such as cameras, cell phones, or laptops, can connect online at the same time continuously to receive and seek information.

As demonstrated by Pranav, with the technology he was able to just phoned with the palm of the hand without a cell phone, take pictures with just a fingertip without the camera, see my book reviews, see the delay on the plane ticket, or Google's open Internet access on a piece of paper, reading the newspaper with animation online, and even ... the transfer of data or text just by menjumput and put it into a computer monitor!

1. Camera: Webcam capture the object in front of and tracking of user's hand movements. Data sent to the smart phone.

2. Colored finger marks: The finger marks are red, yellow, green, and blue which helps the camera capture hand movements. (On the development of this technology Pranav Mistry has created a body motion recognition algorithms so that one day no longer needed colored marks on the finger)

3. Projector: A projector that uses LEDs (light emiting diode) displays the data sent from smart phones to any surface in front of the user's position. Can be wall, paper, hands, or people. Currently Pranav are designing to make a laser projector to a higher sharpness.

4. Smart Phone: A smart phone that is connected to the Web will process the video data using imaging algorithms to identify objects. A special software other make searching the Web for 'translate' hand movements.

How does it work? Patty Maes, the Pranav professor explains that the way these devices work by image and character recognition (image and character recognition). The main tools are hung on the chest consists of a webcam, mini projectors, mirrors, and smart phones. While at the tip of the index finger and thumb both hands placed colored cap (colored sign), which consists of four different colors, red, green, yellow and blue.

The camera identifies the image, face, or text, as well as recognize the movement of the second command ends the index finger and thumb. The projector used to display interface (instead of the monitor) as well as displaying certain data that will be projected onto any media began to walls, paper, until the palm of the hand. While smart phones are used for voice communication and data access with the Web (see picture above).

According to Patty device technology is still a prototype, and it cost no more than $ 350. If the mass-production plans materialize almost certainly much cheaper price with a more simple design and futuristic.